Explore Argentina as your escorted first class tours featuring the best restaurants, wineries & tango.

Two Trip Dates:
March 4th-March 19th, 2024
November 4th-November 19th, 2024

City of Buenos Aires
– High Altitude vineyards of Cachi, Molinos, and Cafayate, Salta – The Andes of Mendoza wineries – San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia

Cities Itinerary

In Argentina, tradition mingles beautifully with innovation, culture, and nature, and the charm of the people is matched only by the magic of the surroundings. Our 15-day tour (2 days of travel) is more than just a sensual feast of extraordinary food and wine; you will experience Argentine culture and the traditions of this charismatic country that is rich in history and European influence. The opportunity to wine and dine with some of the country’s great vintners and chefs makes this guided journey an unforgettable luxury vacation. We are following CDC-recommended guidelines on our small-group trips to ensure guests have a safe, fun experience.

Our core trip includes :

  • 4 days to experience the old-world elegance of Buenos Aires
  • 4 days in Salta, Molinos, and Cafayate, Salta
  • 3 days in the wine country of Mendoza
  • 2 days in San Carlos de Bariloche, the stars of Patagonia.
“There were so many meals where you swear this was the greatest one you have ever had in your life; but one after another, after another and in the most beautiful of restaurants. From the very first meal at a gorgeous historic downtown Buenos Aires hotel to the last at a chic and rustic lunch spot, it felt like every meal was memorable. Chef Ricardo was able to construct a glimpse into the cornerstone of Argentine life through his selections of restaurants and dishes, where you begin to feel like you are a part of the bigger story you might miss when visiting another country and culture without such a guide.”

— Lara Jane, Virginia

Highlights from Buenos Aires

Arriving in Buenos Aires

Arriving in Buenos Aires, we will enjoy boutique accommodations at the five-star Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt, located in the heart of the French heritage district, Recoleta. After settling into our rooms, guests are invited to stroll the hotel grounds or enjoy an afternoon of leisure and relaxation.

5 Star Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt

Exquisite food and atmosphere

Argentine cuisine is heavily influenced by its European roots. For our first dinner, we will enjoy the Italian flavors of Marcelo at Puerto Madero. Owner Marcelo Piegari describes his menu as traditional Italian that pays homage to the gastronomy of Buenos Aires.

Intimate Tango Performance

Continuing our celebration of the birthplace of tango, we’ll dine at the famed Gala Tango. Our three-course wine dinner will also include an intimate tango performance presenting a modern approach to the traditional art form that is both irresistible and entertaining. Our time in Buenos Aires also includes a private tour of Teatro Colón opera house (ranked the third best in the world) and the chance to savor Argentine pizza at one of the city’s oldest pizzerias, El Cuartito.

Highlights of Cafayate, Salta (4 nights)

Calchaqui Valleys of the city of Cafayate.

“The Valley has been blessed by it’s natural landscape
and is revered by one of the best region for growing
grapes at the “Highest Altitude vineyards in the world”.

Driving from the colonial city of Salta thru an incredible breath-taking road of reddish rock formations and cacti from Cachi and Molinos to the Calchaqui Valleys of the city of Cafayate.

Upon arrival will be checking in at Legado Mitico Boutique Hotel in city of Salta.
Next we will be doing a city tour of Salta. 
 Then we will leave Salta to Cachi & Molinos visiting Puna Winery and Miraluna Winery staying at El Cortijo Boutique Hotel in Cachi for 1 night.  In the morning, visiting Isasmendi Winery and drive to the Colome Winery estate overnight.

Driving from Molinos to Cafayate will be having lunch and later check in at the impressive Piattelli Wine Resort.

Next day will be visiting San Pedro de Yacochuya winery, producing wines since 1850 , owned by the Etchart family and the supervision of Michel Rolland. Will drive back to the Piattelli wine resort to have lunch, enjoy the pool, and the spa.

Highlights from Mendoza (3 Days)

Most viticulture in Argentina takes place in the foothills of the Andes, and most famously in Mendoza, where desert landscapes and high altitudes combine to make a terroir that gives rise to aromatic, intensely flavored wines.
Park Hyatt in downtown Mendoza

Upon arrival, we’ll enjoy a private transfer from the airport to the Park Hyatt in downtown Mendoza. With its beautifully restored 19th-century Spanish colonial facade, this five-star hotel is nothing short of spectacular. The hotel is also holds a casino and luxury spa. Situated in one of the greatest wine capitals of the world, Mendoza is the perfect base camp to explore all the sights and flavors of the foothills and high plains of Argentina.

We will visit the Matervini Winery and Lagarde Winery for lunch at El Fogon restaurant.

While in Mendoza, we will take a private tour and tasting at Michel Rolland Winery in the Uco Valley followed by a 6 course lunch tasting at Alfa Crux Winery.

Highlights from San Carlos de Bariloche, the Jewel of Patagonia (2 days)

Situated between the Andes mountains of Chile to the west and Atlantic Patagonia to the east, Argentina’s Lake District presents breathtaking vistas aplenty. We’ll explore this gorgeous region from the idyllic town of San Carlos de Bariloche.  We will fly to San Carlos de Bariloche and take a private transfer to the Charming Luxury Lodge & Spa on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi.

“The trip was magnificent. The week in Buenos Aires was a wonderful experience. The food, wine and camaraderie were so much fun! The restaurants were all first class and a nice mixture of varying ambiance and food—a real treat for foodies!

- Jan & Bob, North Carolina

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